Net Neutrality is not a new concept. It is a fundamental idea that allows the internet to function as it does today. The FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, has made the destruction of Net Neutrality his highest priority. Now is the time for Americans to voice their opinion. If the FCC Chairman, and the cable companies, get their way, you can kiss proper access to the internet goodbye.

Net Neutrality(noun) –  the idea, principle, or requirement that Internet service providers should or must treat all Internet data as the same regardless of its kind, source, or destination

MEO, an ISP in Portugal offers tiered internet packages. This is what happens when we take away net neutrality.

MEO, an ISP in Portugal offers tiered internet packages

Without this requirement, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) would be able to introduce a tiered system where the consumer pays for access per website or package. Social Media, Music, Essentials, etc. will all likely be sold as separate packages and will allow the ISPs to milk the consumer for even more money than they do now.

In other countries, ISPs have already started to adopt tiered models. For each type of access, the consumer is required to pay an additional amount. Just like changing channels on the cable box, you will get a “You are not subscribed to this website. Click Here to add this to your package for $4.95.”

Sites like this one would suffer the most. You would never see another My First Blog Post type post, nor ever read another self-posted About Me, without someone paying a hefty price.

Several large internet companies have taken a stand against the destruction of Net Neutrality, and you should too. Here are a few resources to learn more: