A lot of employers offer resources for continuing education. These resources are a great way to keep yourself relevant!

In addition to all of the books, notes, and other resources I still have available from getting my Information Technology degree from the University of Cincinnati, my employer generously provides access to an online platform called Pluralsight. Pluralsight offers Developer, IT, & Cyber Security training videos that are relevant, up to date, and cover a wide variety of products & programs.

During my yearly review earlier this year, I was introduced to a skills chart that allowed my manager and myself to discuss and quantify my skills in relation to my current position, and where I want to go with my career. Quantifying my skills was not fun. Despite it not being one of my favorite exercises, it gave me a moment of perspective and it defined goals for what skills I truly wanted to work on. By leveraging Pluralsight, hands on opportunities at work, and my personal Home lab, I have been able to sharpen the skills listed on my skills chart and provide a better level of service to my end users. I also have been able to make great strides in knowledge that will help me advance my career.

Opportunities to further yourself offered to you through your employer, like our subscription Pluralsight, are not something that should just be written off. And the best part? Most of the time, it does not cost you anything but time.Just as you should take advantage of health insurance, so should you take advantage of continuing your education through these types of benefits. Leveraging these types of benefits gives you a chance to invest in yourself, and an investment in yourself in the best type of investment you can make.