Changes in management style can really make or break a work environment. After management changes at my last employer, I made the decision to start looking for new career opportunities. I decided now might be the best time for me to transition into the consulting world – and the world agreed. I quickly discovered an opening on LinkedIn that really sounded like a great opportunity for someone with my skillset. It was an especially good opportunity for someone who was looking to make the consulting jump as well. So I am excited to say I have joined the CBTS Consulting Team!

As an aspiring content creator, the jump into the consulting world really gives me a great opportunity. I get to experience many different environments and really hone my skills for selecting the best solution for that environment. I’m excited to say that my first project was already awaiting me as soon as I joined the CBTS team. I quickly started working with my team as soon as I walked in the door, which was absolutely great. My first project involves standing up a brand new Microsoft 365 environment for a large client. I can’t wait to help my first client reach their goals. I’m sure I will have plenty to learn.

I really look forward to sharing my adventures within the consulting world with everyone. Hopefully I can provide some new & exciting content to go along with it. In the mean time, go check out my M365 account reconstruction blog post. And keep an eye out for my soon coming posts regarding IAM in GCP!