During a Office Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration with a large client, I began to discover that several users were receiving error messages in their inbox. The users were receiving messages stating, “Your meeting was found to be out of date and has been automatically updated.” This issue was very frustrating. While some of the users were receiving these messages daily, others were receiving them daily and sometimes for multiple meetings. Here’s a couple steps that I took to troubleshoot and try to resolve these messages.

The three ‘meeting out of date’ fixes I used.

1. I reached out to the users who were receiving the error messages mentioned above and had them delete the meetings from their calendars. After the users had the meeting deleted, we would reach out and ask the meeting creators to re-invite the user. This seemed to resolve some of the issues. For the users, this was a minimal impact and not may users complained. I’d definitely suggest giving this a try first, before moving onto other options.

2. The second option didn’t seem to go over as well with the users. I reached out to the meeting creators and asked them to delete and re-create their meeting. This was a painful experience for all of the other users on the meeting invite. Each of these users had to open Outlook to accept the deletion of the original meeting AND accept the new meeting invite. For the users, this was still a viable solution.

3. I cheated. Or at least it felt like it. I went into Exchange Admin Center and created mail flow rule. The error messages all contain the same phrase, “Your meeting was found to be out of date and has been automatically updated.” This makes for a great identifier to create this mail flow rule. I set the mail flow rule to match on this phrase. I also configured the rule to delete the emails without notifying anyone. The configuration is as seen in the screenshot here:

Under Exchange Admin center, select mail flow, and then use the + button to create a new rule.

While this solution does not fix the problem necessarily, it does help to prevent user frustrations with the messages. I have not received any negative feedback regarding this solution. The users are happy as well.

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