About the site:

This site started with a simple idea. I was looking for a platform to share my ideas, tips, tricks, opinions, etc. And trust me when I say I have a lot to talk about. Which means if you’re looking to find a solution to an obscure problem, I just might have it. My site is here to share and spread knowledge, as well as occasionally share personal career experiences.

I’d also like to give a quick shout out and thank you to Frank Gravato for creating the logo for the MattFromTech website.

Curious about something? Need some help? Just want to say Hi? Feel free to contact me.


Oh you meant about me…

From very young, I knew I liked computers. As I’ve told many people, I’ve been using them since I could reach the keyboard. I have memories of loading up games in MS-DOS, such as DOOM & Commander Keen, while my father was printing out documents for work on his dot matrix printer in Windows 3.1. Since then, I have acquired my bachelor’s degree in IT(specifically, the Networking track) from the ABET accredited Information Technology program at the University of Cincinnati. This allowed me to focus on learning network concepts, systems (both Windows & Linux), and some aspects of management.

Today, I spend a lot of time with Microsoft products at work, and Linux products at home. I employ a large toolkit at work ranging from System Center Configuration Manager to Office365. At home I serve my own DNS & provide file storage to both my computers and my hypervisor that I use as a test lab.

I am slowly working my way towards having a “Smart Home” with Google Assistant being my primary control point. To facilitate the network needs of the many devices, I have deployed Ubiquiti’s UniFi devices across my home network. It may be a bit of “over kill” but it allows me to practice using more powerful equipment in a real life environment.



My Certifications can also be viewed on Acclaim by Credly.

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