Getting back to it!

For a while now, I’ve been saying I need to get back to doing a better job of posting on my blog and keeping my personal website up to date. I made idea lists, goals, and reminders. Every time I thought I’d get back to it, something crazy would happen, and I would set it aside. There are plenty of things out there more important than a personal blog after all. I think things are finally settling back down so I can finally get back to sharing with everyone again!

Moving on up!

Something happened at the beginning of February that I have yet to write about. I accepted a promotion at ConstructConnect! I started a System Engineer role. This is my first role where I am not a “customer facing” employee. Rather, I am more focused on high level, technical tasks. With Read more…

Taking notes

Taking Advantage of Work Resources

A lot of employers offer resources for continuing education. These resources are a great way to keep yourself relevant! In addition to all of the books, notes, and other resources I still have available from getting my Information Technology degree from the University of Cincinnati, my employer generously provides access Read more…


Net Neutrality, It matters!

Net Neutrality is not a new concept. It is a fundamental idea that allows the internet to function as it does today. The FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, has made the destruction of Net Neutrality his highest priority. Now is the time for Americans to voice their opinion. If the FCC Chairman, and Read more…